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Best String Trimmers For Your Yard

Let’s get deep into the topic and find out everything you need to know about brush cutters and how they work. Greenworks is known for offering all kinds of eco-friendly, battery-powered lawn care equipment. This cordless string trimmer holds up to the company’s excellent reputation. This shield attaches to the bottom of the gas weed eater and helps keep the machine from throwing debris at the user. It also prevents you from accidentally coming in contact with the cutting attachment. The motor in the electric weed eater is the most expensive part and prone to fail.

Many models will have an automatic feed spool which automatically detects when extra line is needed and feeds it through. Others require you to assess when extra is needed and bump the head onto a hard surface which results in extra line being ejected from the feed spool. Brushless motors are the future of battery powered tools, and they enable the motor to produce more power in a more efficient manner than a gas engine. This lightweight weed eater has three different settings to choose from and uses a single spool feed line that adjusts automatically to ravage weeds and grass alike. When used as an edger, the included wheels aid in creating a perfectly clean cut. It is especially great for women as it comes in at just 7.5 pounds which is extremely light.


The cord has a limited length, which makes it impossible to use the weed eater in a more substantial yard without long extension cords. They can be a cheaper option for those with minuscule yards or those who don’t use a weed eater often. Electric weed eaters are almost always powered by batteries, though some corded versions also exist.

In a world of smartphones and wireless access everywhere, we have become accustomed to moving around wirelessly. « It makes weed eating so much easier and I no longer dread doing this chore. » In general, if you have a larger yard, or need to do heavy duty work, then a gas-powered model may work better for you. Although the power in battery powered trimmers has come a long way in recent years with the introduction of brushless motors and lithium ion batteries.

Brushless Motor

BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. BestReviews and its newspaper partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. It’s very useful to have a machine that quickly converts to edging. On the off chance you’re going for a bulkier model, make sure to get something with a sturdy shoulder strap. You don’t want to be carrying all that weight with your arms alone.

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Digging Deep with Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian.

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The battery also allows you to use it quickly for smaller jobs such as cutting a small portion of lawn where you find new weed growth. There are two different models with 14 inches and 16 inches cut length. So, for any small to mid-size garden, you can choose a 14-inch model whereas for a more extensive size garden you can go with a 16-inch cut path model. When you need to use edger, simply push a button and turn the handle.

Types Of Weed Eater Heads:

You can find a thermal, wheeled, portable, ride-on, backpack or battery powered weed eaters. Gary McCoy, a Lowe’s store manager in Charlotte, North Carolina, recommended EGO’s line of electric string trimmers. These trimmers “impress with a single battery platform capable of matching or exceeding the performance of conventional gas models, all without the noise or fumes,” he said.

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This package includes enough string for five refills and a convenient line-cutting tool. The thickness and nearly round profile of the Arnold Maxi Edge .095-inch trimmer line give it excellent durability and abrasion resistance. This string’s six edges provide superior grass cutting capability. The combination of high-grade material and a well-designed shape allows users to cut up to three times more area with this string than economy trimmer string. Oregon .155-inch Magnum Gatorline square trimmer line offers high cutting efficiency for cleaner, straighter cuts with less effort. It is super durable, with a high-strength inner core that resists breakage, meaning users will spend more time trimming and less time winding spools.

They even feature run instances that may comfortably trim larger yards with out working out of power. With a motor speed of up to 7800 rpm, Makita’s XRU02Z 18 volts powered cordless weed trimmer offers another battery powered option for you to trim the grasses and weeds off your yard. The fumes, the noise, the smell and the maintenance can really take a toll on you when working with a gas weed trimmer. But not with a cordless or battery powered weed trimmer, since you don’t have to deal with emissions of any kind, noise and little or no maintenance is needed to keep them working.

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Is It Time To Ditch That Loud, Polluting, Hard-To-Start, Smelly, Obnoxious Gas-Powered Weed Whacker?.

Posted: Sun, 23 Sep 2018 07:00:00 GMT [source]

And it features a 6.5-amp motor with high torque transmission providing maximum performance. An edging wheel guide, a 14 inch cutting diameter, a standoff bar, and an auto feed trimmer head. This weed eater is totally worth having and would make a great addition to your shed. The EGO Power 56-Volt String Trimmer is a workhorse of a string trimmer. With a massive 56-Volt battery, you can work through the toughest of brush.

You can adjust the auxiliary handle and you can even adjust the length of the shaft to whatever length works best for you. The battery charges quickly and runtime with a fully charged battery is good, because you can get over 1 hour of heavy trimming from it. It also has a variable speed trigger which allows you to vary the speed depending on how far you depress the trigger. First of all, it’s less than 6 lb in weight, so it’s very lightweight. You can easily use it to work for long periods without tiring out.

– by using the DEWALT 20V MAX String Trimmer on your toughest tasks. It has a dual-line auto-feed head and comes with a 2Ah battery and charger along with a four-year tool warranty (plus a two-year battery warranty, too). Look for a battery-powered weed eater that has around 13 to 17 inches of cutting swath – the bigger the task you need to tackle, the wider that swath should be. Ready to invest in one of these efficient tools so you can power through your toughest lawn care chores with ease? Craftsman 17-Inch Gas String Trimmer A reliable gas-powered weed eater that starts easily and can handle the toughest jobs. If you have tough brush that your nylon string can’t handle, you can try nylon blades.

Makita Xru13z Cordless Curved Shaft String Trimmer For Short Persons

Two-stroke engines use a mixture of gas and oil, while four-stroke engines use gas specifically. If you’ve spent any amount of time out in the yard, then you know that having the freedom to tackle any part of it whenever and however you like is one of life’s greatest luxuries. Thanks to the amazing 40 volt battery and special transmission system, that’s exactly what you get in this superb model from the minds over at Black & Decker.

That being said, if you’re getting a for a larger lawn or commercial use, you’ll need higher capacity batteries or get an additional backpack battery to use on the move. Battery-powered trimmers have a massive noise pollution advantage over gas-powered string trimmers. For context, gas trimmers emit around 90dB, equivalent to a motorbike passing 25 feet away. In comparison, a cordless string trimmer produces around 77dB, about the same loudness as living room music. Therefore, it’s important to know the limits of your upper body strength so that you can buy the appropriate weed eater. Fortunately, most modern cordless string trimmers come with shoulder strap attachments to make them easier to carry.

After an hour of weed eating, you’ll be sorry if you have a handle that’s just made of metal without a cushion. Callouses will ensure, and blood blisters may come in full force. This is a must for heavier weed eaters, making sure the entire piece is comfortable to maneuver is key.

It’s a lightweight string trimmer which lasts up to 60 minutes when fully charged. The bump line feed uses 0.080” dual line, which is very durable and last longer even working with tough grass or weed. All string trimmers come standard with a guard to keep flying debris from hurting the operator. The guard also houses the cutter/blade that keeps the line trimmed a certain length.

All the brands we have listed are industry leaders and have high reputations in the industry. Makita, Worx, Black, Decker, and Husqvarna are all of high quality. Furthermore, increased power tends to result in shorter life for the batteries.

It offers more efficient cutting and less downtime for reloading, plus better fuel economy and reduced noise. The added friction causes excessive heat buildup, which softens the string and eventually causes it to stick together. A welded line does not feed out of the spool, so you’ll have to remove it and restring the spool. The durability of trimmer string varies based on its material, shape, what you’re trimming, and friction with fixed surfaces like stone and concrete.

However, they do need to be concerned about the battery life and the runtime of the tool. Makita’s XRU18 string trimmer boasts the power of a 30cc gas engine. It’s a power boost that we can immediately feel in the higher RPMs and ability to cut through thick, tall grasses. It also has a max cutting swath of 17 inches, giving you more clearing than most other battery-powered string trimmers. Because of its versatile multitasking capabilities, we feel it is one the best string trimmers for the money.

  • So, you need to consider the power, weight, noise pollution, maintenance cost if you want to buy a gas string trimmer.
  • This unit takes a 20-foot spool, which is double the size of its little brother the WG162 20V , but unfortunately still not the 30-foot spools that the likes of the other big dogs use.
  • When the line appears to have worn down, the operator simply clicks a button or turns a dial to add more trimmer string.
  • The main function of the weed eater is to clear weeds and mow grass that is not at the right height.
  • However, many users found the auto feed line to be hit and miss case.
  • In 2021, the DeWalt Universal Attachment System launched into its growing line of cordless OPE tools.
  • Apart from that, we really like the 2-step starting feature, allowing you to turn it on by the simple prime and pull technique.
  • The instructions are easy, and everything fits together logically and simply.

To do this, you just have to pop the shaft of the weed eater and turn it, then lock it again. The only downside here is the lack of a wheel for judging the distance. It also has a great telescopic handle, which makes it practical for people with differing heights. Because of these innovations, not only does it provide the highest power of the battery operated weed eaters that we have reviewed, it is also the quietest and is the easiest to control. The automatic line feeder, in particular, really makes life easier.

It comes with the trimmer itself, the 3 batteries, a 20V battery charger, a trimmer spool so you’ll never run out, support wheels , and a safety guard. The battery will give you up to 30 minutes of run time as well which should be plenty of time to get the job done. It comes with a variable speed trigger so you can save power when you don’t need it, and use lots of power for those stubborn, thick weeds. The design is incredibly ergonomic and balanced, making it even better for a more petite woman. The overall size and length of the weed eater shaft is an important factor to consider. As mentioned above, these tools are generally designed for men and will be quite large in length.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current model, or you’re buying one for the first time, here are the top options to check out. Variable speed trigger and Hi/Lo speed switch so you can maximize power and performance anytime you want. If you need multiple runs to get your yard done, an extra battery might be worth it.

CR members can jump right into our string trimmer ratings to compare models. Here, we’ve highlighted the best string trimmers in each configuration. It starts up easily and can convert from trimmer to edger at the push of a button. It has a powerful 5amp motor, and the shaft is made from durable rust-proof aluminum. Don’t expect the WG163 to provide the same cutting power as a gas weed whacker or a more powerful cordless model.

With a normal RPM of over 7000, this trimmer will not have an issue with heavy-duty cutting at all. Prices vary greatly for gas weed eaters with cheap models around $100 and more expensive models around $500, so having a budget is important. The main types of gas weed eater have either a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke engine (also known as two-cycle or four-cycle). The differences between them are not massive but there are people who can argue until the cows come home about which is better.

Since the trimmer head is a bump feed line, even new weed eater users will have no problem operating it. As a close runner up, the Honda HHT35SLTAT deserves its own honorable mention. While there’s no question that this model costs more than the others, it also packs a punch with its 35cc 4-stroke engine. fuel tank is nothing to cough at either, best weed eater given that it far exceeds the industry average for gas weed eater fuel tank capacity. Usually, you’ll need to look to a model’s user reviews to understand how quickly that model uses its fuel in practice. As a word of warning, a less efficient gas weed eater will always cost you more in long-run, even if its up-front cost is rather small.


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