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EcoSoberHouse combines a sober community with aftercare, assisting clients as they acquire new skills to meet life’s challenges in a fresh and encouraging way. Their mission is to help clients achieve long-term recovery, move on from feelings Sober companion of shame, and learn how to live a fulfilled life. The EcoSoberHouse sober living home reinforces honesty and integrity as we provide support along the journey to cultivating a new, constructive and optimistic sober lifestyle.

Our homes and their atmospheres are nurtured by the guests they provide for. We also include fun social events, like our weekly BBQ and bowling nights.

The house also has a 60 foot long meeting room, two living rooms with big screen TVs and a spacious fully equipped kitchen that includes a kitchen island, where a professional chef conducts cooking and nutrition classes. We do not show halfway houses, treatment programs, or rehabilitation facilities. Fast forward to 2016 where I now sit, writing this blog in the office of EcoSoberHouse, my own High Standards Structured Sober Living home in Lexington Massachusetts. I experienced many new things through the people I met and the opportunities I was afforded in sobriety. I found a way to live life that is far happier than I ever had before the drinking or drugs began. In addition to her new role, Adams currently works in her own private practice as a mental health therapist in Worcester.

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Within six months, I found myself back in crisis, lost in desperation, and far from the sober way I had envisioned. Teras, our flexible structure home, offers a lower cost model for those ready to return to work, and who have their own transportation. Excavations showed that from the 8th century BC until its abandonment eco sober house price in the 10th century Tharros was inhabited, first by Phoenicians, then by Punics and then by Romans. The town was the capital of the medieval Giudicato of Arborea, a Roman/Byzantine relict state from the 9th century until 1070 when Orzocorre I of Arborea relocated to Oristano under pressure of Saracen raiders.

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To learn to differentiate between the stuff that matters and the stuff that doesn’t. To learn how to write effectively, efficiently and engagingly. In the past, I’ve evaluated stories for film and tv projects, and now, I want to work towards being a good story teller myself.

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At Teras, clients work with their on-site peer case manager and vocational support to develop a recovery Sobriety fellowship and work opportunities. Recovery takes time, and different supports at different stages.


Our mission is to provide clean, comfortable accommodations in a positive environment for those looking to live a sober lifestyle. This can be held true since this sober living house has career guidance that supersedes the ordinary service offered by other halfway houses. In a structured transitional environment, offenders participate in a broad range of group counseling and comprehensive life skills development in. The EcoSoberHouse combines a sober living community with aftercare in.

Are you looking for a safe, clean and sober environment to live in somewhere in the state of massachusetts? Please visit our resources page to learn about national and state resources for you and your residents. At granada house, we believe everyone deserves a chance.our mission is to help residents live productively and achieve long term recovery. Sober living home boston massachusetts, soberliving environment, halfway house, sober house slr, sober living boston ma, sober roommates. To be eligible to live in one of our EcoSoberHouse homes, you must pass an initial urine test.

Living A Sober Life On My Own

We look forward to offering a well managed house with quality support for a lower monthly cost than our fully structured program. The Transitional living higher level of support and structure will continue to be available at Tharros next to Lexington Center, starting at $7500 monthly.

At Tharros, we offer over 35 hours of structure weekly, including individual support from 8 peer support team members. Our structure is designed to help clients engage in activities outside of the house, while fostering community and engagement in life. At Tharros, we work closely with local clinical resources to support ongoing treatment goals. Clients engage a full time team of six members, plus ancillary providers, and we support work on co-existing mental health conditions, offering a holistic approach to recovery. Women’s Sober Housing EcoSoberHouse from Click on any listing to get detailed information about that massachusetts sober living home. The eco sober house in massachusetts, situated in 74 capen st., boston is the newest addition to its many sober living houses. Tharros engages clients in a high level of structure, with over 35 hours offered weekly .

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